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Greenpeace Urges Facebook to “Unfriend Coal” in its New Ad

According to a blog entry by the Guardian, Greenpeace, the environmental firm has broadcasted a new advertisement targeting Facebook, a social media enterprise, to quit the use of coal power in its data centers by April 22nd Earth Day. This ad will be aired in California Wednesday, where Greenpeace aims to target 2000 workers in the Silicon Valley.

However, it is extremely implausible for Facebook to alter its source of power by the deadline or even at all. Greenpeace is expected to gain popularity due to its campaign to urge a popular social media website with over 500 million users all over the globe.

Casey Harrell, Senior Campaign Specialist at San Francisco office of Greenpeace reported to the Guardian, “We love Facebook. Its employees are young and share a lot of our values; they want the world to be a better place. But Greenpeace is saying to Facebook employees that you’re part of a lot of social revolutions, but you need to help join the energy revolution.”

Greenpeace has also published a research that singly pointed the coal sourced power used at the Oregon data centers of Facebook. Data Center Knowledge commented, “Greenpeace is calling data center operators to a standard the environmental group itself doesn’t fully meet” as part of the servers of Greenpeace are located in areas that use coal and nuclear power.

According to Greenpeace, the campaign targets Facebook as it has “revolutionized the way the world communicates, so it can revolutionize the IT sector’s current reliance on coal. Facebook’s reputation for innovation means that wherever it goes, other IT companies will follow.”

Greenpeace also issued an animated video in September last year on YouTube which condemns the coal-sourced power in its Prineville and Oregon data centers. The video was named ‘The So-Coal Network’ and was aired around the time The Social Network based on Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook was to be released.

Greenpeace states that 680,000 people are supporting the campaign urging Facebook “to disclose its carbon footprint and to act as advocates for clean energy.”

According to Greenpeace, coal is one of the most crucial elements affecting the climate and each data center at Facebook uses power equal to around 40,000 US residences.

According to Facebook, Oregon was selected for its data centers due to the moderate climate of the city that allows the environmental air to cool the data center and reduces the need for coolers.

Harrell commented, “Efficiency in itself is not enough to equal green considering the power that the Internet requires. We’re not asking Facebook to power their data centers with rainbows and unicorns, but we want them to ask these questions of the utility companies that power data centers.”

According to Greenpeace, the video is available in 14 different language subtitles.


Google’s Bookstore Footnotes

Google’s ruthless idea to make the world’s biggest digital collection and bookstore encountered major difficulties during the current week with the most frequently used account in the book, exclusive rights. The company’s idea to digitize each book available was ruined when a federal adjudicator in New York abandoned the 125 million dollar legal agreement the company figured out with agents of authors and publishers.

This latest verdict has put Google’s most ruthless activity into purgatory and takes into light the apprehensions of increasing control over information. At present Google has 15 million manuscripts online. The complete text of books whose patent has terminated is accessible via Google’s Book Search facilities.

Larry Page, co-creator of Google ready to take the chief executive seat next month, stated a long time ago that this is a side venture of his and has an extensive diversity of support for the venture within the company. This extravagant activity is precisely in conjunction with the business aim to systematize the entire information in the world and Ken Auletta, writer of Google: ‘The End of the World as We Know It’ says, “It was very much consistent with Larry’s idealism that all of the world’s information be made available freely.”

New York Federal Adjudicator Denny Chin says that the agreement would have given Google a, “de facto monopoly” and the capability to earn revenue from books without consent from the owner who has exclusive rights. Chin accepted that “the creation of a universal digital library would benefit many,” but persisted that the proposed contract was “not fair, adequate, and reasonable.”

This verdict is a hindrance as well for the Author’s Guild and the Association of American Publishers, which took legal action on Google in 2005 regarding its book scanning venture. Only two years back a decision was ultimately made official by authors, publishers, and Google to take millions of printed work into the digital world.


VEXXHOST Offers Ruby On Rails 3

VEXXHOST web hosting company has announced to offer Ruby on Rails 3 support on its cPanel for its web hosting clients. The company has been testing and trying its compatibility for the last few weeks and is now pleased to offer a brand new feature to its clients. The plan is priced at $3.99 and allows all new and current clients to operate any Ruby on Rails 3 application.

Established in 2006, VEXXHOST has been offering its customers with Linux and reseller webhosting plans with maximum uptime. VEXXHOST has been known for being a trend setter in offering latest technologies in shared web hosting and has proved itself once again with the inclusion of Rails 3 in its webhosting plans. No other cPanel web host supports such a feature.

Generally, the backend supporting Rails content is Mongrel, yet, Mongrel does not serve any Rails 3 application as of now, because it has been ported to be a Rack application. VEXXHOST uses a strong and reliable Ruby on Rails back-end in the form of Passenger to support its Rails content.


Get A Free IT Checkup By Tierra Technologies

Many organizations that are aware of their need for technical assistance but lack full-time IT employees are usually hesitant to discover their IT problems. Tierra Technologies, an IT consultancy firm in the Bay Area, plan to pacify this fear by providing free IT checkup for new clients on on-call and managed IT support services.

Clients that hire their services will be discounted with a free IT checkup once a year. The free checkup revolves around providing a checklist which comprises of best practice items and documentation points along with a grade for the client and a review of the results with them. A list of prioritized actions is then created for the client to act upon.

Tierra Technology commented, “Our philosophy is to recommend down-to-earth solutions. Customers enjoy a relationship where Tierra systems administrators are driven by what works, as opposed to driving customers according to artificial time-tables or upgrade cycles.”

All system administrators at Tierra Technologies operate on the principle of ABC of network maintenance which refers to A for anti-malware protection, B for backups of important functional data and C for critical updates of software.

The technicians at Tierra also operate on an often forgotten action, D which stands for documentation. It makes use of a self-documenting program that makes sure that every act is saved and no issue or solution goes unrecorded.

The free checkup plan is provided to organizations in San Francisco, East Bay (comprising of Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda) and Peninsula (comprising of San Mateo, Palo Alto and Burlingame).

For detailed information on other product offerings of Tierra Technology, visit http://www.tierratechnology.com.

Tierra Technology

Tierra Technology is a San Francisco Bay Area based organization which offers IT support and IT consultancy and focuses on enhancing on-site and cloud-based system management, data center and help desk solutions.