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Google Providing Free Services to Canadian SMB’s

A new initiative from Google, “Canada Get Your Business Online”, was designed to assist new and small businesses create a presence in the online community with free web hosting, free domains, website creation tools and $100 worth of AdWords advertising credits. Therefore, if you run a small business in any Canadian province without a web presence, you may be eligible.

The Numbers

Currently, less than half of the 2.2 million small businesses found in Canada have any type of online presence, including a simple website. Therefore, Google is attempting to change this stigma with the assistance of a San Francisco-based website design and hosting company known as Yola, Inc.

A Word from the Managing Director

The Managing Director of Google Canada expressed how excited he is to be working with Yola to help implement the Canada Get Your Business Online initiative across the country. By providing basic, easy-to-use tools, this partnership will help hundreds of thousands of Canadian small businesses establish an online presence which will greatly improve competition in all industries in Canada.

Yola’s Offerings

For those businesses that are eligible and willing to participate, once the website is complete, they will receive twelve months of free web hosting compliments of Yola. Once the twelve month period has ended, these businesses will have the option of remaining with Yola and paying a monthly fee or finding a new web hosting provider.

Google’s Ambition

Google seems to be heading in the direction of getting everyone across the globe online, one country at a time. This is a major undertaking by the industry giant but should prove to be successful in the end. The Canada Get Your Business Online initiative could potentially change the entire Canadian economy by allowing customers to shop online, find menus and make dinner reservations; the possibilities are endless. This will be a huge convenience for customers.

About Yola

Yola is a web hosting and website building service that seeks to help small businesses create an internet presence. The tools Yola offers allows the average small business owner to create a professional-looking website with all the necessary features without the bothersome advertisements. Yola features award-winning customer support consisting of knowledgeable, approachable individuals.

This project looks as if it will be successful for Google, Yola and the Canadian business owner. Google and Yola are really going out of their way to develop a necessary service for Canada which could prove profitable for all parties in the end.

Contextual Advertising vs. Social Media

The Internet is gradually progressing towards a more interactive experience everyday, with music, movies, games, and video clips being the extremely popular. It seems as if a lot of internet user just don’t feel like reading, and many of them would rather watch YouTube for the entire afternoon than learn something new by reading an article. Of course, the average webmaster like yourself looks at the internet in a very different way, and is able to recognize the power of viral videos when used for internet marketing.

Contextual advertisement is not to be underestimated however, as many lucrative online businesses have utilized contextual advertising services like Google Adwords for years, and it continues to work today when done properly. However, the applicable uses of contextual advertising differ greatly, which is why it is important to consider the following information about the differences, advantages and disadvantages of contextual advertising and social media.

What is Contextual Advertising?

Contextual advertising may come in the form of strategically placed text blocks, banners with flash animations, and even small videos in the sidebar of a page. This type of advertisement bears its name because it is served based on the context of the web page, hence the name ‘contextual advertising’. A prime example of contextual advertising is Google Adwords, an advertising services that let you place ads for your site on another person’s web site in your niche.

How Does Contextual Advertising Work?

Google uses bots to index data on web pages, and when they detect certain keywords (which you bid on) they serve your ad wherever the webmaster decides to put their Google Adsense ads. The problem with contextual advertising for many novice webmasters is that it requires some investment and some expertise in order to bring substantial success quickly. Literally every major company uses contextual advertising, so your competition is usually fierce.

What is Social Media?

Social media is any form of media that is marketed on a social site with the intention of driving traffic to a certain web page, or to advertise a specific brand. Social media can be a free and easy way to generate traffic instantly without any monetary and very little temporal investments. Simply making a an interesting video and putting it on YouTube could result in thousands of visitors to your web site over night. Social media has become enormously popular because it is the best way to generate an incredible amount of intention with the least amount of effort.